Friday, October 15, 2010

How Emotion Develop Throughout Our Lives

We’re all born with the capacity to experience emotions. This trait is something we’ve probably inherited from our animal ancestors. By the end of the first year, a child has identifiable, complex human emotions, including love, fear, aand fascination. These occur in children all over the world at roughly the same age, a fact that shows that early emotions are maturational – that is, they are linked to physical development rather than learned.

Yet despite this universality, specific events will trigger emotions of different intensity, depending on the child’s environment. A child in a small, isolated village tend to be more disturbeb by seeing a stranger than a child of the same age who lives in a large city. Variations can even be found among children with the same genetic background if they are raised differently. Zaslow found that at the age of eighteen months, Israeli children raised communally on a kibbutz were just as shy as children of similar genetic backround raised at home. But by age two, the kibbutz children played with others more readily than those with a more traditional home life.

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