Monday, May 17, 2010

Manohara loses weight, becomes tourism icon

Check out Manohara Odelia Pinot’s new look. She’s slimmer, and has a new job to go with it too: tourism ambassador for Ken-dari in Southeast Sulawesi province.
Manohara, who now weighs 55 kilograms, says she shed 10 kilograms in three months and aiming to lose more to kick start her modeling career again.
“I’ve been working hard to lose weight,” says Manohara, who is still in a dispute with her former husband Malaysia’s Kelantan prince Tengku Fakhry.

“I love my new look, it’s more attractive.”

“I feel more confident now,” she adds.

Now that she has lost a few kilos, Manohara jokingly says she “can stash her clothes away in a museum”.
“I can’t wear them anymore,” she laughs.

With her new look and new outfits, Manohara has taken to her new role as Kendari’s tourism ambassador, despite not coming from there.

“The governor of Southeast Sulawesi [Nur Alam] asked me, in person, to become Kendari’s icon,” says the half American 18 year old. “I thought, what an interesting job,” she adds.

Besides her appointment as Kendari’s tourism icon, Manohara was also chosen as Southeast Sulawesi’s ambassador for traditional woven cloths. With both titles, Manohara says she is responsible for promoting Kendari’s potential as a tourist destination and Southeast Sulawesi’s woven textile heritage. — JP


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