Saturday, March 20, 2010

By Aeroplane to Anywhere

     A journey by air must be very exciting. There will be a crew of three or four to fly the plane, and a stewart and perhaps a stewardes to look after the passengers.
     The most important member of the crew is the pilot, the man who drives the aeroplane. He is the captain. Then there is the first officer who may have to navigate the plane. To navigate is to work out its position and give the pilot the direction in which he is to steer. For long journeys they have a special flight engineer.
     He keeps his eyes on the moving needles on the little things that look like clocks. In this way he can be sure that everything is working well. The radio officer must keep in touch with the people at the various airports by means of his radio set. He also helps with the navigations by finding out the position of the plane from those radio stations which send out signals.
     This is my first experience when I was riding an aeroplane. During a journey a young air-hostess looked after the passengers. She brought them coffee and light refreshments. The food was served from a tiny kitchen at the back of the plane.
     The crew of the plane were busy throught out the journey. The pilot was steering the plane, the first officer acting as navigator and working out the course to steer. The radio officer was keeping in touch with airport to which they were heading.
     Now the flight was nearing its end, and the plane began to come down. It was ready to land at the airport far from the city. The radio officer heard in his earphones the signal to land. he passed the message to the pilot and the plane began to sink on to the right runway. It touched the runway, bumped up again slightly, came down again. Finally the plane moved along the ground until it was off the runway. It stopped near the big airport building.

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