Monday, March 22, 2010

Making Peace with the Ghost...

     Ghost, according to Dr. Tb. Erwin Kusuma, Sp.KJ., is chategorized to as a unseen creature. The Kailinesse named it as mboa, pontiana, viata, touta, etc. The Jawanesse called it with genderuwo, wewegombel, banaspati, tuyul, etc. Kailine
     Not just like a human being who have a coarse and spirit body, the ghosts have only a spirit body so that they called a spirit evil. By their ray energy, ghosts can vibrate themselves and infilitrated to visible wave ray energy. At this condition, our five senses can feel it.
     A death man, after his/her coarse body decomposed, it will become a spirit too. The characteristics of ghosts are the same as the human being's, good or bad. According to Erwin, there is a special man, called a waskita man (clairvoyant), can see ghost by his spirit body. When we see the ghost, actually not our eyes see, but our spirit one with extra sensory perception (ESP). It is imposible if we see with our sensory perception.
     Regarding to the ghost scaring  formed. It is because people never see or not often see them. If in our whole life, we never see a cow, and suddenly there is a cow appeared in front of us, we surely must be afraid, whereas the cow is keep stay in its place.
     We should not afraid against ghost, because we consist of spirit thing that perfect than ghost. All the bettter we should live together in peace. If ghost leisured us, do not lay it away, try talk to them. It can be done by speak it or by intention.
     So, why should be afraid if we can live together in peace.
(taken from: Intisari Nov. 2002 No. 472)

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