Tuesday, March 23, 2010

"Ellex You Band"

     There are many unique words we read around us which made us amazed but then made us laugh. 
     On the back screen of a bus written "Ellex you band". That is actually refers to 'English' version of  Jawaness for Elek yo ben, (jelek biar saja). And on the back screen of mini taxi wrote "Go let due with". Well, what the it is about?. It means a man who has many livelihoodstyle of making money, "golek duwit" or make money.
     One of the menu in a small shop is "S the gun". Is there any gun sell ?. Of course not, they only sell their favourite softdrink, es degan or young coconut drink.
     On Yogjakarta and Malang traffic lane, there is a bus write its route transportation "Tempel Bali Yogya". Tempel is the name of small town of North Yogyakarta before Magelang. The word "Bali" means balik lagi (reverse).
     In Yogya there is also a name of place that similar to the famous place in the world such as New York, New Mexico, New Zealand. The place is "New Tran", it speaks like English 'nyutran, located on an area near LP. Wirogunan.
     Pyongyang is not only exist in Korea, but there is also between Yogya - Wonosari. Is it true? Pyongyang is slank language for Piyungan, a name of a town in Kabupaten Gunung Kidul. What about the word Godean - a small town in West Yogya - consist of two English words, Go and Dean.
     In Yogyakarta, there is a SMU (senior high school) that given a name according to the place. Tirtonirmolo means a palace water. SMU Tirtonirmolo's students made a sticker written "SMU Water Castle". (by: P.D. Hardjono SH. in Intisari Nov. 2002. No. 472; translated by: Ikhsan Madjido)

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