Sunday, March 7, 2010

How to Expand Our World

Everybody have a different world. Some feel so wide, and some others feel so tight. It is depend on their own choice.
You said the world is the earth and planet and the universe. Is it true like that?
Interpret ate the world like that is a narrow sense. The world is not equivalent to physically material or the place of physical material. The world is not also a vice verso of eternity.
Some people said that this world is too wide, for some other think that the world is to tight for them. That is why everybody has different size and scope.
Therefore, the world is not an objective thing that can be measured by a meter. The world is a subjective one. It is depend on individual to say whether their world is
"big or small", "nice or bad" .
It is my friend of mind who can go abroad everyday he wants. From Singapore, to Japan. From Japan he flies to United Stated and passed by in England. Traveling around the world, he only take in a few hours. Someday he said how tight the world is.
For Cheng Hoo, Colombus, Marco Polo, and friends thought that the world is very wide and very exotics. So that, they wanted to prove it. For me, who never go abroad, also think that world is wide.
Although, the perception of everybody towards the world is symmetric or same, but most of us believed that the world is something psychologically and philosophy, rather than a physically one. Everybody have a different of worldview. Giving a meaning of world in a frame of perception is provide a more meaningful and valuable than said the world is "the earth and whole world.

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