Monday, February 8, 2010

Lets become a Freelance Writers

Express your ideas by writing in our website and will be read by million people in the world.

For this time we only publish article in English, nevertheless we accept the article in English and will be translated to English by our admin. Your article will start to publish on February 1st 2010, but you can send your article from today.

We invite students, teachers and others to be the Freelance Writers, the articles will be publish on ,you are free to write anything based on your interests and abilities.

Generally, we will not edit your articles. Your article will be published naturally.

Requirements to write articles:

Must be write in English or Indonesia (optional)

Minimal 450 words

The content is a fact / tips and not a fiction

Articles must be most needed and search by many people

Articles must be your own and not a copy paste

It is allow to use any references but may use your own writing style

Articles Categories:

  • World News & Opinion
  • Antivirus & Software
  • Cars & Automotive
  • Encyclopedia & education
  • Finance & Insurance
  • Travel & Holiday Destination
  • Technology, Gadget & Computer
  • Woman & Lifestyle
  • Teenagers, Problems & Lifestyle

Suit your articles with the above categories. You may apply to all categories.

How to Make / Send your articles:

You can write on Ms. Word and send to E-mail:, enclosed your username / email / name, wait 24 hours to be review / check.

Royalty – Incentive – Fee

Actually, there is not any royalty in this program, we only provide a space for everyone to express their ideas to write and will be read many people in all over the world.

Nevertheless, we will still appreciate your articles, we will give you a royalty in amount Rp. 50.000,- / 10.000 views or in 10.000 visited. If you have 5 articles and have been red 10.000 times, so you will be get Rp. 250.000,-. We will count every 10.000 articles read or its multiple and you will be paid if your money reach Rp. 100.000,-

For example: if you write one article namely “tips to learn success”, one day read 1.000 times, 1 month 30.000, so you will be paid Rp. 150.000,- / month.

Tips : Write a most needed and search articles.

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