Sunday, February 7, 2010

Enjoy Global Warming

The warming of Pacific Ocean create weather patterns that affect the world. When the waters warm, the amount of rainfall in Indonesia and the surrounding region decreases. Australia could even experience a drought. On the other hand, Chile, which borders the Pacific Ocean, is preparing for severe rainstorms. In Pakistan and northwestern India, the weather pattern makes the monsoon season weaker and makes the area much drier.
The phenomenon is called El-Nino and is used by weather forecasters to make long-range weather predictions. Forecasters know that El Nino will bring unusually heavy rains to the southern part of the United States and make the central part of the country drier.
El-Nino it self used to be predictable. It would occur every two to seven years. But now, the weather pattern is becoming more constant. Scientist are unsure of the reason for this change.

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