Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Sabai Nan Aluih

There was an adat house in Padang Tarok, in the lower course of the river Batang Agam. Husband and wife, Raja Babanding and Sadun Saribai lived here. They had a son named Mangkutak Alam and a daughter named Sabai nan Aluih. They had different characters. Sabai was diligent, friendly, beautiful, so everybody liked her. However, Mangkutak was handsome, arrogant and like playing kite and his father loved him very much but Sabai not jealous.

The beauty of Sabai was wellknown until to other villages. Rajo nan Panjang was a rich man, respected by his people in Situjuh want to marry her. He was Rajo Babanding's friend. Rajo Nan Panjang sent his delegates to propose to her. He rejected his propose by saying that he was shy having a rich son-in-law and a broker. Rajo Nan Panjang got angry and he himself went to Rajo Babanding to propose his daughter.

Rajo Babanding knew if he rejected his propose, it would be a fight, and Rajo Babanding suggested to him to meet in Padang Panahuan on Sunday, automatically Rajo Nan Panjang knew that Rajo Babanding didn't accept his propose and challlenged to fight.

Meanwhile, Sabai heard the conversation behind the door and was afraid of her father's safety, because she dreamt that the ricebarn burnt, buffalo was stolen and fighting cock was caught by eagle. She told her dream to his father and he told that if ricebarn burnt it meant that we would harvest crops, loosing buffalo meant the cattles raised, and fighting cock meant that her brother (Mangkutak) will be proposed.

On Sunday, Rajo Babanding and Rajo Nan Panjang and their guards came to the arena to fight, and when Rajo Nan Panjang was squeezed, his guards came to help him by shooting Rajo Babanding.

A farmer saw this and run to meet Sabai to tell what happened. Sabai was very sad because her bad dream come true. She asked for her brother to see their father in the arena, but he refused it, and Sabai went to the arena. On the way, she met Rajo Nan Panjang and his guards, they were quarrel. Sabai threated him to shoot and he laughed her because the gun was not for women, and she didn't care about this and she shot him die.

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