Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Spritual / Philosophical Health

Some people believe that good health also includes a feeling that one's behavior is in rhythm with one's basic values (mensana in coporesano). This feeling may also include a sense that life has meaning and is worth-while, a sense of awe at the beauty and majesty of nature, or just a deep tranquility when you sit by yourself and ponder.

Health is partly a matter of personal values and preferences: Some people feel healthy only if they get at least an hour of strenuous exercise four or five times a week; others get depressed and fatigued unless they spend at least an hour a day with friends, no matter what other obligations are looming.

The ingredients for health also vary with one's age and physical status. A twenty-year-old woman may want to be able to run four miles a day, an eighty-year-old woman may satisfied with her physical health if she is able to walk a mile a day. The key is: Both these individuals have good health if they are able to do most of the things they want to do in their everyday lives, with a minimum of stress.

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