Thursday, March 18, 2010

Medicine or Poison?.........

     "Medicine is poison." That's what some people say. Is this right? Well, it and it is not. Medicine is a solution of natural or chemical substances which can prevent or cure diseases. Poison is also a solution like that but which can be dangerous for the body. Aspirin, for example, is a chemical solution which can be useful as medication if it is consumed correctly. However, it will become poison if it is taken out of dosage. The proper use of aspirin will cure headache or other light complaints. Too much aspirin, on the other hand, will result in stomach aches.
     Here are some possible negative effects from the overuse of medicine:
*  To infants and small children
    Incorect use of medicine may cause physical defects. Infants or small children are not strong enough to   accept certain amounts of medicine. The use of some antibiotic mixture, for example, may be dangerous for their liver.

*  To adults
    When a person reaches around 40 years of age, the work of the liver and kindneys may weaken. If s/he takes too much medication, the concentration of medicine in the blood becomes high. And this may cause poisoning in the blood. In the end, it will cause a lot of health problems.

*  To pregnant women
    The first three months of a mother's pregnancy become the most risky time for the use of medication. Some antibiotic solutions will be able to penetrate into the placenta and cause poisoning on the baby. This may result in premature births, defects, or even deaths.

*  To organ irregularities
    The kidney, for example, is an organ that functions to dispose liquids from the body. Together with the liver, it regulates the processing of medicinal contents. If the kidney does not function well, overuse of medicine will cause poisoning.

     So, watch out your health. It is time to us to find out a non-chemical medicine. Find it in the entire universe. From animals, vegetables, or even from the air. 

    How to find the non-chemical medicine?.....wait the answer on my next post. Don't go anywhere, I'll be back right soon.

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